We supply and train high drive detection dogs for the security industry. Our selection process for choosing our dogs is based on a reliable and efficient tool on detection of narcotics and explosives.


Sniffer dogs are widely used over the world and have become a fast-growing market. We have shipped dogs to America and several parts of Europe to start their training as future detection dogs. Any trained detection dog supplied by Cherryspinner will always come certified through an instructor of a governing body. 


A detection dog is trained to use its senses most of the time its smell to detect many different substances. Our main goal is to match you with the right dog. We offer bespoke sniffer dog training firstly as a pet and then as a security dog. They are trained to be safe and loyal companions. The appropriate training is given to achieve only the best and the highest results.


Our dog breeders and handlers have many years of experience in the training of quality detection gundogs for all security purposes.  


Please contact us if you are seeking a high drive puppy part or fully trained detection dogs.