Cherryspinner Gundogs provide new elite luxury dog kennels suitable for dog owners who are looking for a safe, peaceful, calm, and beautiful environment for their dogs to sleep in. They are beautifully designed and are made from the highest standards with top of the line materials. Our luxury dog kennel range features include PVC hygienic floor and wall finish, choice of internal layouts from anti-chew board finish, are fully insulated, choice of colour for the door panels to match your garden, and resin floor finish. On the day of installation, there is no foundation needed so this will ensure your garden is kept clean and tidy at all times.  


We understand how important your garden is and a steel mesh structure around your garden to house your dogs in, it is not the most attractive looking, so that is why we have designed our beautiful range of Timber dog kennels that will blend into your garden space perfectly which both you and your dog can enjoy. Our fitting department team can install your dog kennel in just 1 day.  


The luxury dog kennels are insulated so your pet keeps warm in the very cold weather, but also keeps cool in the warm weather. Our unique luxury dog kennels are designed to give your pet a secure, long-lasting, comfortable, and warm home.