Trailing dogs are trained to the highest standards and are trained to follow a human scent. The dog acquires the scent from the individual whether it is worn or directly handled it could be anything from clothing to hair. The dog will use instinctive behaviour or amazing sense of smell to find the specific person. A human scent is as unique as a fingerprint so it will be left anywhere the person has been.  Trailing dogs are able to tell the difference between different scents in a variety of environments even if they have passed through a few days before. As the top trailing dog breeders, we have many years of experience working with all dogs of all breeds and ages. Our relaxed style of training will put your dog at ease and make them the best that they can be. Please find a wide range of trailing dogs for sale on our website all dogs are high quality and high drive trailing dogs, you will not be disappointed.


Field trails are a competitive sport involving the team of dog and handler. First held in England around the turn of the 20th century, a trial gives a handler and his or her dog the opportunity to compete in the field with their peers. The purpose of a spaniel field trial is to demonstrate the performance of a properly trained spaniel in the field. The performance should not differ from that in any ordinary day's shooting, except that in the trials a dog should do his work in a more nearly perfect way. The qualities Judges look for are to be emphasized: retrieving promptly to hand, hunting and game finding, working within gun range, control, steadiness to wing and shot (the dog should "hup," or sit and hold its position, until released by the handler), and responsiveness. 


If you are new to trailing and would like to gain experience, come and talk to us about our one to one training days and training programs. We supply part trained dogs to purchase and also we supply fully trained dogs for field trails or shooting. 


Cherryspinner gundogs have access to many shooting estates throughout the UK and also have our very own private estate where we conduct our training days. 


Our purpose built rabbit pens and bird pens are designed for steadiness training with your dog and also advanced gundog training. 


For all our packages please do not hesitate to contact us. We have many options and welcome beginners to advanced handlers to our training grounds.